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SUICIDE BID : The Rot Stops Here LP

LP Version - political ska and punk from members of FILAMENTS EX-CATHEDRA KING BLUES and SONIC BOOM SIX



Debut mini album "This is the Generation" has sold in huge numbers through the underground and received critical acclaim from Radio 1 to Maximum Rock'n'Roll Magazine. The debut full length album "The Rot Stops Here" heavily features rising stars SONIC BOOM 6 and THE KING BLUES on vocals is a huge leap forward in terms pop accessibility matched by an even more ferocious political bite dealing with false arrests at the G8 protests, the continuing evil of the Guantanamo Bay detention centre.

1. Rudeboy Return
2. Demonised
3. Torch Guantanamo Bay
4. Dubbin The Nation
5. Stars O'er The Stirling
6. Give It Up
7. Wind ya Batty
8. Like a Lion
9. Fix Up
10. The Rot Stops Here
11. Article 2 Dub
BONUS VIDEO - When Morning Comes


Released December 2006

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