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AVAIL - One Wrench CD

Avail's fifth studio album, and their first full-length released on Fat Wreck Chords in 2000

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Another fantastic and often under approeciated album from the mighty AVAIL - This is their first post Lookout album and nebfits from a bigger production sound but still has the heart and power that makes every AVAIL album one of the most important you will hear...need we say this is a bargain price for such an awesome record.....

1. "Fast One"
2. "Taken"
3. "N30"
4. "Leveled"
5. "New Song"
6. "High Lonesome"
7. "Invisible"
8. "Union"
9. "Heron"
10. "Rest"
11. "C Days"
12. "Bell"
13. "Leather"
14. "Old Dominion"


FAT WRECK CHORDS - Released June 20th 2000

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