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MILLOY : More Than A Machine CD

Remastered and repackaged debut album of soaring gritty melodic UK punk for fans of LEATHERFACE / HOT WATER MUSIC

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An explosive release, combining blasting, impassioned, driving, catchy, modern punk rock songs with a great loud production. Milloy stir up the same passion and intensity in their music as bands like Samiam and Leatherface. Just like those bands, we can`t classify or pigeon-hole the music they`re making, it just comes from the heart.

First released on Crackle Records in 2005 - this 2007 re-release comes remastered with bonus tracks with brand new artwork.

Limited Coloured Vinyl LP  also available

1. Evel Knievel
2. Hammers & Blades
3. Blackjack
4. (The boy with no) Shoes
5. Dibs
6. Deuce
7. Eveready
8. Mirror Signal Manoeuvre
9. February
10. Less Said
11. Damaged Goods *
12. Le Coup De Grace *
* previously available on a split with Billy No Mates


Re-mastered by Nick Philpin, London, July 2007


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