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HOSTAGE LIFE : The Walking Papers

Debut full length from exciting and confrontational Toronto punks

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HOSTAGE LIFE's "Walking Papers" is everything you could want in a punk album in these comfortable days as "the scene" sleepwalks towards repeating the bloated excess of the early 1970s. Brimming with anthemic and pissed off punk rock perfection, buzzsaw melodies and huge choruses all underpinned with searing visceral lyrics to remind you that punk was about standing out, not fitting in.
Opening with the intense call to arms "We Will Make You Crawl" ("Just Pretend That Your Lips are Stitched and Let Us Do The Thinking"), HOSTAGE LIFE makes one thing pretty clear from the off - they are making music for the sake of making music, regardless of whether you like it or not. But if you were in any doubt of that, the balls-deep war drumbeats and chorus of "I don't give a fuck if you dance to this" should close the door on that doubt.
With this we're off on a 14 track journey through a range of subjects from our everyday lives rarely touched on in the brave new world of popular punk - our fucked up lives, deaths, entertainments, stupid product endorsements ("Hostage Life's Legally Distinct Cola Commercial or You're Stupid and You're Gross but if You Drink This Someone Might Actually Love You"), cancer, unplanned pregnancy, religion and more. What's more, they do it in a way that's catchy, critical, and clever.

1. We Will Make You Crawl
2. Sons of Hostage Life
3. This Song was Written by a Committee
4. Hostage Life's Legally Distinct Cola Commercial
5. The Last Superman
6. Securing my Seat
7. How to Die with a Smile
8. The Quietest Mutiny
9. Hostage Life are Fucking Alive and Well
10. Fuck, I Hope You're Not Pregnant
11. Of Shotguns and Pleasure Wands
12. Carbon Heart Radio
13. When I get Cancer
14. Hell Awaits Hostage Life


Released in the UK - November 2006


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