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2nd album from Swansea's THE ARTERIES


THE ARTERIES new album "The Dead Sea" is the follow-up to their breakthrough album "Blood, Sweat and Beers" released on Household Name Records in 2009.

Recorded in Wales in the early summer of 2010 The Dead Sea boasts 13 tracks (including brand new versions of songs from their split 7"s in 2009),as well as more stunning, unique artwork from bassist Jamie Morrison

  1. Capture The Flag
  2. Mutual Friends
  3. No Place Like Home
  4. Acoustic Associations
  5. Turn Of The Tide
  6. Shitty Band
  7. Doing The Rounds
  8. Hey Mister
  9. Bad Bangers
  10. New Noose
  11. Sick
  12. Don't Come Around
  13. Dead Sea


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