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MILLOY : Creating Problems While Practising Solutions

2nd full length album from MILLOY.

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“Creating Problems while Practising Solutions” is the new studio album from Wakefield’s MILLOY. The follow up to the critically acclaimed debut album “More Than a Machine” sees MILLOY once again take another new direction while still maintaining the ferocity and drive that has always made them stand out from the crowd.
This album showcases a breathtaking diversity with their new song writing.

The opening track “Propofol” is an immediate reminder of what this band is all about – taking classic British punk rock, served up with a slice of the melodic sounds made famous across the Atlantic, turning it inside out, smashing it to pieces and voila – you have MILLOY.
For a moment the pace drops, the guitars begin hitting on the off beat with less ferocity, and the eerie sound of “Mary Rose” kicks in. It doesn’t last for long though with songs such as “Breach” and “Textbook” bringing you back to punching your fist in the air, while the power of the melody in “Pockets” and “The Math” will leave listeners breathless.

Not only an incredible achievement, “Creating Problems while Practising Solutions.” is the definitive MILLOY recording.

1. Propfol
2. Goodfellas
3. Mary Rose
4. Textbook
5. The Math
6. Breach
7. Pockets
8. Second to None
9. Goggle Box
10. Stone Court

Cat# HAUS103CD

RELEASED 04th August 2008

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