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VIC RUGGIERO : Something in My Blindspot

VIC RUGGIERO singer of the New York ska institution THE SLACKERS' 1st UK solo album release. Cool rockabilly, bossa nova, diverse and really enjoyable.


VIC RUGGIERO singer of the New York ska institution THE SLACKERS is back with his 3rd solo album but his first UK solo release.
"Something In My Blindspot" 's main theme is love - because that's where there is always something unexpected waiting...
VIC RUGGIERO recorded the album in Berlin in the summer of 2007 which sees him stretching out to more pop/rock territory yet handled with the same charm as one of his Jamaican infused Slackers tunes, the man is a fearsome songwriter in any genre!

VIC RUGGIERO has also been joined by Lisa Müller of the Geman ska-swing-band BLACK CAT ZOOT for a couple of sweet and strange duets, and for good measure 2 songs are accompanied by the Romany brass band FANFARA KALASHINIKOV.

1. Taking Care Of Business
2. A Lovely Beginning feat. Lisa
3. Innocent Girl
4. Always Something In My Blindspot
5. My Place feat. Lisa
6. Hope I Never
7. Lonely Nights feat. Lisa
8. Vacant Stare
9. If This Night
10. Is It You? feat. Lisa
11. Lonely Nights Reprise feat. Fanfare Kalashnikov
12. A Love Of Confusion
13. Mad At Me feat. Lisa
14. Animals feat. Fanfare Kalashnikov


Released 27th July 2008

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