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THE 241ers

photo by Kim Ford
Band Members

[2007 - present]
Jon Fawkes – Guitar/ Vocals
Brendan Bekowies – Guitar / Vocals
Joe Piglet – Bass / Vocals
Earl Grady - Drums

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HOMETOWNs : Brooklyn/Philadelphia, USA

From the steaming wreckage of Brooklyn's Stockyard Stoics and London's Filaments, with shuffling percussional support from Mobile, Alabama's Criminal Class USA, and many other friends as well, we are the 241ers.

Acoustic because we wrote the songs sans drummer in our living rooms (and also we are old and our backs ache), political because the world is too fucked up not to write songs about it (plus 'Nancy's china sets' rhymes well with 'shiny fighter jets'), and punk because we know no other way.

In assbackwards fashion we have first recorded an album and are now setting out into the world to play shows. Come see us! Book us a show! Help put out our album! Buy or copy the thing when it comes out! And for dog sake would someone somewhere please tear this racist, sexist, classist, homophobic, Rupert Murdoch-infested system down to its filth-ridden foundations.

We'll be glad to play benefits for such-get in touch. See you in the streets! Or at least up the street, at that lame open mike night at the coffee house where all the goth kids hang out.


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