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New In The Shop

DISSOCIATES - Dead Language 7
DISSOCIATES - Dead Language 7"


RIVALRIES Out Of Town and Back Again EP
RIVALRIES Out Of Town and Back Again EP



Amazingly... we have a new website.. it's all web 2.0 or something.. i've been told we can update it telekinetically while watching The Simpsons... so it'll never be pathetically out of date, riddled with errors and potential libel ever again....

What do have is

  1. A new shop - loads of stuff not only HHN releases, more vinyl and much more to come
  2. New band pages.. old photos.. even more appalling attempts selling ska-punk as a credible musical genre and some hardcore.....
  3. A Gig Calender so you can schedule important games on Yahoo Chess for the nights our bands come to your town
  4. ok - it just looks nice/er and we've worked relatively hard on it, so enjoy.....
  5. this is 5th website we've put together and in that in the time Revelation Records haven't changed theirs once* - just saying....I think that makes us more cutting edge - ha!...actually, imagine the time they've saved...






* well they have a bit...probably too busy selling records