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Great Cynics 2012

Band Members

Iona Cairns - Bass / Vocals
Giles Bidder - Guitar / Vocals
Bob Barratt - Drums

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GREAT CYNICS play straight up, short and catchy indie/punk rock songs influenced by The Lemonheads, Against Me! and The Steal.

Their debut album ‘Don’t Need Much‘ is about all the important stuff – drinking cider, getting high in the sun and going skateboarding.


For two years ‘Cynics’ was the moniker for Giles Bidder, back then an 18-year-old living in Brighton. Formally part of the brass section in a ska punk outfit, he decided to continue with music and picked up a guitar. He played one of his first solo shows in July 2009 with Holland’s Tim Vantol. That night, a last minute decision was made that he would join him on the road for the rest of the foreigner’s 10-date UK tour. Combining a love of The Lemonheads and Black Flag, Giles began to develop his own style of poppy folk punk carrying an acoustic guitar and singing with a distinctive croon. In December 2009 his first home-recording was released in the form of a split tape with WEGROWBEARDS. Six Months later he released his debut 7” Stones I’ve Thrown through Happy Days records, which was met with a host of positive reviews.

Moving on to sofas in London and playing every show that he could, he became a recognisable face the punk rock community. His live show soon started to become awash with crowd sing-a-longs to a guy with a charming dopey smile.


In the following months Cynics scored a handful of support slots which included shows with Against Me!, Paint It Black and a slot at No Idea Records’ Fest 9 in Gainesville, Florida.

By 2011 Giles had written 10 songs he thought would work best with a band. In January he was joined by drummer Bob Barrett in Devon to record a full length with Peter Miles (The King Blues, Crazy Arm, Futures). The album was recorded in 2 days.


Giles (guitar/vocals) says: “I wanted to record an album that was personal, soulful and fun punk rock. Above all, I wanted it to sound human. The guitar and drums were recorded live in one big room and Peter Miles played bass and Hammond organ. There’s just one guitar sound throughout the whole record and other than group vocals, there's only one vocal line at any one point. Half of my vocals on the record are sung when I was drunk on rum. That was Peter’s idea.”


In early 2011 as Cynics geared up to release their debut album, the London based trio have announced that they had changed their name to GREAT CYNICS.
The name change has been made following a lawsuit threat by Pittsburgh, PA-based garage revival act The Cynics. Frontman Giles Bidder explained the change in an interview with The 1st Five:

"The Cynics, a garage rock revival band from Pittsburgh, sent an email which pretty much said they will take us to court if we don't change our name. They've been going for 27 years which is longer than I've been alive and we didn't want to try and risk having to pay them a fuck load of money if we didn't get away with it, so we cut our losses and added a 'Great' onto the front of the name ... It has the same meaning as the original name did, which is about people who sit back and tell you that you can't do what you want to do whilst doing fuck all themselves."





GREAT CYNICS - Don't Need Much CDLP (2011)

Don't Need Much CD