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The Cut Ups 2012 Photo by Dave Goodchild

Band Members

[2004 - present]
Jon Curtis - Vocals/ Guitar
Dan Heron - Guitar
Jack Hyde - Bass
Reza Mirehsan - Drums
Pippa Wragg - Singing


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THE CUT UPS played their first show on December 23rd 2004, and are still waiting to play their last.

Their debut LP “Paris Street In Ruins” came out on their own label All Gone Wrong in 2006, and their new album "The High and Mighty" is going to be released on Household Name Records early 2009.
They are known as Jack, Jon, Adam and Reza and you might have seen them at other times in Kids Return, Annalise or Shoe!

Jon Curtis aka Jon SHOE! - Guitar and Vocals. Jon has been playing in punkrock bands since he was 12 years old, at first for something to do; he and his friend Spud put on shows in their rural hometown to make something happen. Salvation came from The Cavern Club, Exeter and their unending CV of incredible shows. Jon filled his days with bands including Shoe! and Annalise (No Idea Records), riding bikes and writing zines. These days, Jon lives with his wife, Beth on the wrong side of river, rides bikes and writes zines.

Jack Hyde - Bass Guitar. Son of the hardest working man in Ashburton, Devon, Jack Hyde has a resume' that consists of building skate parks, making films (particularly stop motion music videos- you can see his work throughout the UK DIY scene) and touring Europe with his other band Kids Return. However, despite these travels, Jack is dedicated to his adopted hometown of Exeter, as expresed in the closing track of the new LP, titled "Lets Go Home".

Reza Mirehsan – Drums. The loudest snare drum in punk rock is back! Reza is much in demand since his early days in Sombre State (featuring two of Exeter's The Computers). He is the heart of this band, and Reza who compels this trip into new adventures!

Dan Heron - (previously of Exeter band THE DEAD CITY STEREO) joined in 2011 and have brought a new style of songwriting to the band with his thrashy mod-punk anthems. You can hear Dan step up to lead vocals on 2 of the new album tracks.

Also singing on the new album is one of the most familiar faces and driving forces behind The Cavern/Freakscene Records in Exeter is Pippa Wragg.. we're not going to tell you anything more..Listen to the record

They’ve inherited the honesty and integrity of the punk rock master class that is Dischord Records but rummage up the sound of old school UK punks like SNUFF and LEATHERFACE, with a huge dose of Billy Bragg thrown in. Add to that some well read lyricists and you’ve got yourself more depth and content than you can shake a copy of Maximum Rock N Roll at!

THE CUT UPS are punk rock you can believe in as well as sing along to. ‘Is it ok that I live for punk rock bands?’ asks singer Jon Curtis in album highlight ‘I Know It’s Ok’. It is if they sound, act and look like this one!





The High and Mighty CD