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Band Members

[1998 - 2005]
Band Members :
Ginge - drums
Ed - Vocals /Guitar / Violin
Gabriel - Bass / Vocals
Schlauf - Guitar / Vocals

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HOMETOWN : Tunbridge Wells , UK

YE WILES from Tunbridge Wells in South East England are a lazy critic's worst nightmare - sometimes described as a post punk, indie, ska-core, violin/folk driven experimental left field low fi punk rock band. And that was the simple version!

With a range of influences that take YE WILES from GANG OF FOUR and THE MONOCHROME SET through to FUGAZI and on to RANCID and even THE CARDIACS - we have a totally schizophrenic punk band that could only come from the UK.

In a developing tradition and true DIY style the recording of "Smoothing Away the Horrors of Indigestion" (2004) was only possible after YE WILES had built their own studio, the "RAMSHACKLE FACULTY STUDIO", in a converted shed. YE WILES' first act was to record this album; a truly DIY punk rock venture in these days of happy shiny mass-produced mass-market punk. Added to that fact they turned up at Household Name Records with "artwork" fully laid out as a collage including bits of hair, cloth and parchment all sandwiched between two advertising board for chainsaw repairs makes them truley unique.

Alomst inevitably the "rock world" proved tedious for half the band and they simply stopped playing in early 2005. Since then YE WILES reform show sightings have become a pastime in some parts of southern England.
They should reform and play - they were amazing. If you saw them you know I'm right!


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