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Band Members

[1998 - 2004]
Cameron Agnew - drums
Darren Thompson - Vocals /Guitar / Keys
Jeremy Wright - Bass / Vocals
Shane Shephard - Guitar / Vocals

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THINKTANK from Adelaide, South Australia, have always been about combining the art of songwriting with the pure emotion and energy of life. And coming out with a positive, life-is-good kind of result.

The band came together as a result of each of its members wanting to create something new in a sometimes passionless and stagnant music scene. With a predilection for angular guitars, left-of-centre drum rhythms and killer melodies, the band have honed their craft over time earning a solid reputation for their song work. Whether it's on their recordings or in the live arena, the passion of this band is always striking.

It only took the chance attendance at one show in Sydney, Australia to convince us to release them in the UK and Europe. The band were constantly on the road in their homeland and even toured the UK in March 2003.

THINKTANK frontman Darren Thompson is highly sought after in Australia for his ingenuity behind the recording desk. A fact that becomes apparent on listening to this self-produced album. With the luxury of knowing exactly how it should sound, they have well and truly achieved their desired aim.

THINKTANK released one further album in Australia, but split in 2004

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