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Band Members

Rodrigo Alfaro - Vocals
Magnus Blixtberg guitar
Andy Dahlström - bass / vocals
Fredrik Jakobsen - guitar
Robert Samsonovitz - drums

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HOMETOWN : Malmö/Göteborg, SWEDEN

SATANIC SURFERS played a major part in the Swedish melodic punk-rock explosion that took place in the mid 1990s.
Combining strong melodies and fast paced punk-rock with both personal and political lyrics, the band soon reached audiences all over the world. Early influences include bands such as SNFU, RKL and The Misfits

Their extensive touring paid off and SATANIC SURFERS soon had a strong following of loyal fans wherever they went, making them one of the biggest punk-rock bands to come out of Sweden at that time.

When listening to "Taste the Poison" (2005) the band's 7th album and first for Household Name Records after releasing on Bad Taste and Burning Heart Records, you can tell that the extra months put into writing and arranging the songs was time well spent. The songs sound more focused than in a long time. It’s kind of a mixture of the older and more recent sound of the SATANIC SURFERS, making "Taste the Poison" an album that the entire band is extremely happy with.

The SATANIC SURFERS split in 2006 and the band members moved onto new projects





Taste the Poison CD