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Band Members

[1998 - 2003]
Chas Williams - vocals
Neil Cowie - trumpet / vocals
Neil "Nelb" Draycott - guitar
Ben Ashton tenor saxophone
Richard "Bars" Barling - bass / vocals
Mark Wood - trumpet
Phil Bairns - trombone / vocals
Jim Harrison - drums

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LIGHTYEAR were an influential a 7-piece ska-punk band from Derby who injected punk, hardcore and pop influences into their songs and rapidly became one of the most dynamic, enjoyable and outrageously unpredictable recorded and live bands in the UK.

The LIGHTYEAR live experience was a bouncing, energy driven orgy of jumping brass, diving vocalists, more than frequent nakedness, underpinned by the infectious tunes that left every foot tapping that spawned a legion of fans and a reputation for their riotous antics.

Household Name Records released the debut album "Call of the Weasel Clan" (2001) and the band began on a massive touring campaign with shows with Capdown, Mad Caddies, Goldfinger, Slow Gherkin, 311, Mustard Plug, Save Ferris, Nerf Herder, The Peacocks, Link 80 and Suicide Machines. As well as 2 appearances at the infamous WASTED FESTIVAL (alongside The Business, The Exploited and more). and Reading & Leeds Festivals alongside Sick Of It All, Alkaline Trio and Saves The Day.

LIGHTYEAR entered the studio in April 2003 to record their second album "Chris Gentlemens Hairdresser and Railway Book Shop" (2003)
The extensive touring took its toll and Lightyear made the decision to split in early 2003. They decided that the split would take place after recording another album and touring twice more; once in support of the album, and a farewell tour in August / September of the year.

LIGHTYEAR split in September 2003 with a farewell show to over 1000 fans in Derby.


Call of the Weasel Clan CD