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Band Members

[2006 - present]
Steve Rawles - Vocals/ Guitar
Graham Churchill - Drums
Corey Tapp - Bass / Vocals
John Meloche - Guitar/ Vocals

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In 2005 Canadian melodic punk band BELVEDERE looked on the edge of breaking into the big league after building a huge underground fanbase touring the world from South America through Japan, Europe as well as solid reputation in their native Canada. They released their 3rd album Fast Forward Eats the Tape to massive reviews….and then they broke up.

Two years later the core of Belvedere – songwriter/guitarist Steve Rawles and drummer Graham Churchill, are back with THIS IS A STANDOFF. Bigger, faster, harder than before this explosive new band from Calgary will be THE new punk discovery of 2007.

THIS IS A STANDOFF - A name almost as long as the distance that separates these four guys. Although formed from opposite sides of their native Canada, this band still manages to get together to write music, tour, and even have a pint or two.

After the demise of one of Canada's hardest working punk bands, Belvedere, Steve Rawles and Graham Churchill were set on starting a new project in Calgary and getting back on the road. In summer 2006 they recruited John Meloche (Forty Cent Fix) all the way from Ottawa. For over a month, Steve and John spent their time working construction, watching The Sopranos, and writing some hot blazing tracks.

In November 2006, THIS IS A STANDOFF released two demo songs, "Silvio" and "Better Than All Of Us", through their Myspace page, and received an overwhelming response from listeners world-wide. With the recent addition of Corey Tapp (Inventing The Wheel) on bass, the band has been hard at work writing and rehearsing the twelve songs that appear on their debut release “Be Excited”

In April 2007, the band tested out all the songs on their first tour to Europe - their first shows ever as a band! The tour was amazing and a great way to get things going. THIS IS A STANDOFF quickly came back to Canada and recorded their debut album, which is released this autumn on Household Name Records.





Be Excited CD