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Band Members

[1999 - 2005]
Steve Rawles - guitars / vocals
Scott Marshall guitar / vocals
Jason Sinclair - bass / vocals
Graham Churchill - drums

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BELVEDERE played fast melodic technical skate punk in that looked up to the likes of Bad Religion and NOFX .

Taking their name from an '80s sitcom, BELVEDERE formed in Calgary, Canada in 1995 as a trio with Steve (guitar/vocals), Brock (bass), and Dan Hrynuik (drums). Recruiting second guitarist Scott Solo, and drummer Jay Hollywood, plus bassist Jason Sinclair, the band released their debut album "Because No One Stopped Us" (1998) on Hourglass/206 Records.

After spending most of 1999 on the road — including tours with Bad Religion and Strung Out — 206 Records put out Belvedere's follow-up album, "Angels Live in My Town" (2000).

In 2002 Household Name Records released "Twas Hell Said Former Child" Belvedere's 2nd album to coincide with a debut European tour, the London show with CAPTAIN EVERYTHING! and DIVIT was filmed for a live DVD release on Punkerversion.

On their next studio album, BELVEDERE enlisted producer Blair Calibaba (Sum 41) to record "Fast Forward Eats the Tape" (Golf Records, UK-2004). Shared dates in Canada with Death by Stereo, Captain Everything! and Tsunami Bomb in spring 2004, prior to a European tour with Mad Caddies in October 2004.

But the new album failed to take off and BELVEDERE split in November 2005.

In 2006 Steve and Graham formed THIS IS A STANDOFF and released their debut album "Be Excited" on Household Name Records in 2007.



Twas Hell Said Former Child CD