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Band Members

(2000 - 2005)
Thom - guitars / vocals
Georg vocals
Candee - drums

Former Members :
Chris - bass [Haus052 /Haus058]
Daniel - bass

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Blasting out of Graz, Austria comes the political hardcore sounds of the ANTIMANIAX. Mixing up Leftover Crack's squatpunk noise with Propagandhi's more direct political delivery they unleash no-nonsense political rage against the G8 group of rich nations, neo-nazis, animal rights abuses and many more heartfelt subjects, while still managing to make great music and having some fun.

Heavy UK touring and touring in the far east of Europe have brought them a huge fanbase and coupled with the two albums on Household Name "As Long as People Think" (2003) and "Desert of Concrete" (2004) have helped them gain a reputation as one of the most exciting political ska/hardcore bands in Europe.





Desert of Concrete CD