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picture by Kim Ford

Band Members

[2005 - present]
People who have contributed to this project are:

Andi - Slurs
Niki Nailbomb - Beats
Babar - Toasting
J - Smooth grooves,peny whistle,DD3
Jonny 1 Lung - Guitars
Pete - Sub Bass, Sax, Jaw Harp
Al - Rythms
Mr Wilson - The Boss DJ
Sandra - Silky smooooooth vox
Phil - Snarls
Leila K - Vocalising
Itch - Raggamuffin statement
Barney - Growls
Ben - Harmonies
The Boss - Guitars
Jim - Percussion
Ben - Organs
Bones - Trumpet
Kerem - Vox

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HOMETOWN : of no fixed address, UK/USA

Suicide Bid arose in early 2005. More of a collective than a band in the traditional sense the group is a gathering of friends who met through touring, and features members of some of the UK's most popular punk acts of the last decade including King Blues, Ex-Cathedra, The Filaments, P.A.I.N, Inner Terrestrials, Deathskulls and Sonic Boom 6 amongst others.

Debut record "This is the Generation" was recorded DIY in the Summer of 2005, and was released to critical acclaim through Household Name Records on November 14th '05. French Labels Maloka and Mass Prod have released a vinyl version for all you boss DJ's.

The 2006 follow up "The Rot Stops Here," Suicide Bid's debut full length is an eclectic mix of dancehall flows and punk rock energy, featuring stunning performances from some of the UK underground's most respected artists.

Suicide Bid will also be releasing split seven inches this year with Alabama punk rock heroes Hush Hush Revolution and Philadelphia folk punk legends Mischief Brew

Suicide Bid is an ongoing project.

Peace, Love and Light





The Rot Stops Here CD