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Band Members

[1997 - present]
Christ-IAN - guitar / vocals
Christ-OFF guitar / vocals
Wern-AIR - bass / vocals
Constant-IN - drums

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Since 1997, RED LIGHTS FLASH - a four-piece from Graz/Austria - has released two full length albums, one in 1999 on Remedy Records/Vienna and "As Time Goes By.. MCD (2001) on Household Name Records. This led Red Lights Flash to three European tours and almost 250 gigs in Austria and Europe.

Starting off as a punkrock band, RED LIGHTS FLASH soon realised that it should be about more than just playing songs that you´ve probably heard too many times before. So they did it their way: Using the basis of 3 different vocals, fast-driven guitars and excellent drums, they combined their melodic sense with all their passion and anger. They see RED LIGHTS FLASH as a mixture of friendship and creativity combined with a pinch of rebellion. For them, it´s very important that a band is more about than just some people making music together. Mutual respect and confidence, common aim and attitude are the most important foundations in their interpretation. And that is also what their music and lyrics will make you feel!

RED LIGHTS FLASH are currently signed to A-F Records - the label of Anti-Flag.



And Time Goes by... CD