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Band Members

[1999 - present]
Stza - guitars / vocals
Ezra guitar
Brad Logan - guitars / vocals
Alec Ballie - bass / vocals
Ara Babajian - drums

Former Members :
Brandon Possible - drums
Candy - drums [Haus072]
J.P Otto - drums [Haus072]

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HOMETOWN : New York City , USA

Leftöver Crack combines elements of ska, hardcore, crust punk, and death metal and rose from the remains of the seminal ska/punk band Choking Victim, which released a small number of very-low budget albums in the mid-90's.

The music is often referred as squat-core, and also been known as crack rock steady music. The term "squat-core" comes from its focus on the lives of abandoned tenement squatters in New York City.

A debut album on HELLCAT RECORDS, "Mediocre Generica" (2001) the band started to pick up attention for their confrontational politics as much as their infectious tunes. Due to a history of bannings and fifficult situations on tour in the USA the band focussed their touring on Europe and the UK where they were gaining a large vocal following.

After meeting with Household Name Records at their first UK show at The Verge in Camden the Leftöver Crack became a feature in the lives of the bands and fans of the label for the next couple of years. When relations broke down with Hellcat Leftöver Crack asked Household Name to put out their controversial follow up album "Fuck World Trade" (2004). Often criticised and ignored due to the album's extraordinary and inflamatory front cover the record is one of the strongest and well crafted punk protest records of recent times.

In November of 2004 Leftöver Crack, at "Cracktoberfest," an annual event hosting squat bands and other ska/punk/hardcore bands, the police cut the power towards the end of the show, causing an uproar.... and the band left quickly for a European Tour starting the next week

The band took an indefinite hiatus after the death of drummer Brandon Possible in December 2004. Stza spent the interim playing Leftöver Crack and Choking Victims songs by himself at a few solo acoustic shows.
The so-called "Crack Rock Steady 7" also embarked on a small European tour in November 2005, however this incarnation consisted of only Stza and a UK backing band The Infested, unexpectedly Stza announced that Leftöver Crack would return to tour with a US full line up in summer's not over yet.





Fuck World Trade CD