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Band Members

[1996 - present]
Steve England - guitars / vocals
Simon Hillier guitar
John "Brandy" England - bass / vocals
James Lambeth - trumpet / vocals
Phil Bairns - trombone / vocals
Tom Shorland - drums

Former Members :
Alan Cains - vocals [Haus048]

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HOMETOWN : Bristol , UK

KENISIA formed in late 1996 by ex-members of Narcolepsy and Joshi, and went through various line up changes until the current line up came together in 2001. After starting out as an alternative/reggae style KENISIA spent their first 2 years gigging around the Bristol/Bath area. Over this time the band developed and refined their style evolving into a ska/punk/reggae influenced thing, with bits of metal put in for good measure!

"Nothing to Say" (2002), the second full-length album and debut for Household Name Records, jammed packed with non-stop ska punk. With influences as varied as OPERATION IVY and SEPULTURA this album flows from start to finish. There's everything here from pop/ska anthems to heavier ska-core tunes in a LINK 80 style. Strong growling vocals lead the way with catchy horn parts blasting out all over the place. Definitely the punk ska summer soundtrack

In 2004 , vocalist Alan Cains left KENISIA and trumpet player James Lambeth took over the vocal duties. James' soulful and surprising rock voice has changed the sound taking the band into a much more adventurous area. New album "Prototype" (2006) showcased this impressive progression and will bring new and old to this band.





Prototype CD