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Band Members

[1999 - 2008]
Matthew Reynolds - guitars / vocals
Nick Horne - trombone/vocals/
Matt Roberts - saxophone [2006 ..]
Peter Miles - bass (touring)
Robert King - drums [2006 ...]

Former Members :
Steve McCusker - bass
Jeavon Snell - drums [Haus070]
Jon Warren - drums [Haus075]

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HOMETOWN : Southampton , UK

HOWARDS ALIAS came to life at the tail end of 1999, playing third wave ska-punk, with hints of a darker edge to come. As the band developed with the inexhaustive song-writing of Matt Reynolds they became one of the most often misunderstood and consistently underrated rock bands to come from the turn of the century UK undergound punk scene. Yet taken out of that stifling context the music they produced was nothing short of breathtaking creativity.

Listen without prejudice.

At the beginning of 2002 the band did their first tour supporting US band LINK 80, and since then the band have played with Capdown, RX Bandits, Mad Caddies, and Anti-Flag. HOWARDS ALIAS released their debut album "The Chameleon Script" (2002) on Good Clean Fun Records, to a very positive reaction, and in January 2004 the band recorded a split with US band DESA, for the bands joint UK together, which was also very well received.

Their second full length "The Answer is Never" (2004), showed a new mature HOWARDS ALIAS, taking in a huge range of influences from epic rock to minimalist indie, and making what was described by many critics as "A masterpiece" . The album was recorded mostly live, to give an honest account of the new HOWARDS ALIAS sound and get across the intimacy of the songs and band.

Over the next 12 months the band toured hard but were also laying plans for another recording - returning to work with TIAN producer Peter Miles. Early 2005 the band went into the studio and emerged 3 months later with their final album "Beat, Heart Beat" (2005) (only available digitally at the moment) which took their sound into a more ambitious and intelligent area. Ignoring the need to promote the album the band were determined to get out on the road to play the new songs.

Sadly, the pressure that the band had put themselves under in recording and readying to tour was too much and the band split during the album tour two months later....

After going on an 18 month hiatus to follow the Skylar (acoustic reggae) and Thinkpol (alt.rock) project HOWARDS ALIAS reformed in November 2006 with an expanded lineup that now include Matt Roberts (ex NO COMPLY) on saxophone.

The band toured hard in 2007 and recorded a new album with Peter Miles in early 2008, unfortunately with the departure of 2 members it was decided split up. The final album will be released through fan subscription for more details check out the bands myspace.





The Answer is Never CD