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Band Members

[2002 - present]
Colin Lichti - vocals
Shamus Mathers - bass / vocals
Hai Vu - guitar / vocals
Patrick Mathers - guitar / vocals
Paul Miller - drums / vocals

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HOSTAGE LIFE offer us anthemic punk rock perfection: catchy melodies, fast rhythms, guitar licks up your ass, cynicism so thick you could drown, intelligence and political insight that will inspire.

One band that has stuck to their roots is HOSTAGE LIFE. Never jumping the bandwagon, this straight up punk rock band can have anyone moving on their feet, nodding their head and dancing with all their might.
HOSTAGE LIFE have matured into a band that is reinstating what punk rock means to people again. Heavily influenced by bands like 'The Clash' and 'Stiff Little Fingers', HOSTAGE LIFE have taken punk rock sensibility and molded it into their own music that takes you back to the roots of punk rock: three chords, anger, honesty, and (most importantly) fun!

After completing several national tours with label mates PROTEST THE HERO, as well as dates on the Warped tour, HOSTAGE LIFE went on to share the stage with a diverse list of bands, including The Dead Kennedys, The Unseen, Fucked Up, Stiff Little Fingers, Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere, The Horrorpops, DOA, The Loved Ones, Paint It Black, The Explosion, and The Street Dogs.





The Walking Papers CD