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Band Members

[1994 - present]
Fat Bob - bass / vox
Johnny Takeaway - axe / vox
Nipper - skins

Former Members :
Nosher - skins

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HOMETOWN : Millwall, UK

Formed in London in the mid 1990s, Hard Skin are an Oi! band from Millwall South London.

Their debut album, Hard Nuts And Hard Cunts became an instant streetpunk cult classic amongst Skinheads and punks alike, selling 100,000 copies.

A new album, Same Meat, Different Gravy was released in 2004 on Household Name Records/Oi!Sold Name Records.

....and if you need a quote to pretty up some pulp piece in your tatty fanzine.. or the NME - take this one -
"Hard Skin are a facking Oi! Band and one of the best facking Oi! Bands in the business. How do I know that?? Well i'm in it."

- Fat Bob





Same Meat Different Gravy CD