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Band Members

[2001 - present]
Will DeNiro - Vocals
Sebby Zatopek - Guitar
Spider - Guitar / Vocals
Sammie the Giant - Bass / Vocals
Pete Sematary - Drums

Press & Reviews

ALBUM REVIEW - Noise Division Germany

Contact & Links

ZATOPEKS on Myspace


HOMETOWNs : London UK / Berlin, Germany

ZATOPEKS are set to break big with 14 tunes packed to the rafters with pop hooks, lyrical wit and the full on punk energy these guys radiate at their live shows. It's like a cocktail of 50's pop and 90's Lookout! punkrock mixed by Tom Waits, and you're gonna love the taste!

These fine English gentlemen had already proven to be an amazing liveband (if you haven't seen them: they're like a carcrash, it isn't a pretty sight but you just have to watch) and now they've come up with one of the best European pop-punk records ever made, Zatopeks are one of punkrock's best contemporary bands.

Damn Fool Music may the biggest and happiest new discovery you make this year or next year.. punk .pop.. rock..does it really matter what you call music this good?

We hope you enjoy this as much as we do.





Damn Fool Music CD