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Band Members

[1981 - present]
Blackie - Guitar / Vocals
Ray Ahn - Bass
Pete Kostic - drums

Former Members :
Keish Da Silva - drums /vocals
(also appears on Haus089)

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Once described as "Motörhead meets the Beach Boys" HARD-ONS were originally inspired by punk bands such as Sex Pistols, The Buzzcocks, The Damned, Ramones and The Saints. HARD-ONS have carved a notch into the world of punk rock and have assembled a worldwide cult following.
They are also said to be Australia's most successful independent band ever, with 250,000 records sold worldwide and 17 consecutive number one hits on the Australian alternative charts.

Formed in high school in 1981, by multicultural trio of drummer/vocalist Keish De Silva (of Sri Lankan descent), guitar/vocals Blackie (former Yugoslavia) and bassist Ray Ahn (Korean) the trio had to wait three years until they were legally allowed to play in pubs.

They debuted at Ultimo's Vulcan Hotel on June 20, 1984. The HARD-ONS quickly gained a following and released their debut EP (Surfin On My Face) the following year. Subsequent recordings like Smell My Finger, Dickcheese, Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts and Yummy! were well-received by fans and set the blueprint for the 'Hard-Ons sound': messy pop-punk with metal and psychedelic elements.

In 2000, HARD-ONS line-up changed, with founder member Keish leaving the band. Blackie took up full-time vocals and Front End Loader/ Regurgitator drummer Pete Kostic joined up.

This new trio released Very Exciting! in 2003, and the band remain close friends - the new album Most People Are A Waste Of Time was recorded with contributions from all four members.


Most People Are A Waste Of Time CD