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Band Members

[1995 - present]
Richard Andersson - guitars / vocals
Crippe Määttä vocals / guitar
Mathias Lindh - bass / vocals

Former Members :
Mårthen Cedergran - vocals

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With their debut release “Street Art Gallery” in 1999, Bombshell Rocks showed the world what punk rock should sound like. Working in the same vein as The Clash, Operation Ivy, Bad Religion, Stiff Little Fingers, and Rancid, the band came up with an aggressive and vital sound that managed to shake the cobwebs off the punk rock formula.

For 12 years now BOMBSHELL ROCKS have been kicking out high-energy honest punk rock inspired by their favourite bands on labels like BURNING HEART and COMBAT ROCK INDUSTRY.

It's hard to find anyone into street-punk'n'roll who doesn't hold 1999's STREET ART GALLERY album as one of the best records of its style ever released. So have they still got it? - HELL YEAH! The new album, called "The Conclusion", is immense: the writing and songs are stunning in full sing-along glory. High energy punk rock at its finest.





The Conclusion CD