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Band Members

[2001 - present]
Micah Schnabel – vocals/guitar
Shane Sweeney – vocals/bass
Dustin Harigle – drums (on III)
Cody Smith – drums*
Andy Schnell – keyboards*

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TWO COW GARAGE is a fierce and edgy rock’n’roll trio from Columbus, Ohio, that takesthe twangy melodies of vintage country music and fuses them with a muscular, ampedup attack that recalls MUDHONEY or DINOSAUR JR. as much as the LUCERO, THE HOLD STEADY or BLUE RODEO..

TWO COW GARAGE formed in September 2001 by guitarist and singer Micah Schnabel, who was born and raised in the rural Midwestern community of Bucyrus, OH.
Weaned on vintage country, Schnabel didn't care much for the mainstream rock that dominated radio, preferring harder and edgier sounds.

At 18, he moved to the relatively big city of Columbus and started playing with drummer Dustin Harigle. Chris Flint, a guitarist and lawyer who used to manage the Lilybandits, saw an early version of TWO COW GARAGE and was struck by their passionate energy and Schnabel's songs. He signed on as the band's manager and part-time guitarist, and with
the addition of bassist Shane Sweeney the group's lineup was complete.

In autumn 2002, TWO COW GARAGE released their first album, Please Turn the Gas Back On, through Shelterhouse Records; the band supported the disc with a relentless tour schedule that put 332,000 miles on their van's odometer over the course of two years.

Second album The Wall Against Our Backs followed in 2004 which received rave reviews from critics while the band kept up their punishing tour schedule, which was captured on video by fan and filmmaker John Boston in his documentary The Long Way Around: One
Badass Year with Two Cow Garage

TWO COW GARAGE''s third album, aptly titled III, was released in the US in in the UK in June 2008.