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Band Members

[2002 - present]
David Lee Burdon - Vocals/ Guitar
Neil Basset – drums
David Lyon – guitar
Greg Robson - guitar

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ALBUM REVIEW - Noise Division

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HOMETOWN : Sunderland, UK

FORMER CELL MATES are a rock band from the North East of England, featuring past and present members of Los Coyote men, Leatherface, The Golden Virgins and The Mercury League. They get drunk, make music and don't mean to sound so sad ... it just turns out that way.

Formed in late 2002 by vocalist/songwriter and guitarist David Lee Burdon, previously bass player in the massively influential punk act LEATHERFACE and bassist David Lyon who has also served time with wrestling masked garage bruisers THE COYOTE MEN. Drummer Neil Bassett previously featured in the ranks of hotly tipped XL Recording artists THE GOLDEN VIRGINS who also included solo artist Lucas Renney and Ross Millard of the FUTUREHEADS. Their 2008 album saw the debut of new guitarist Greg Robson formerly of hardcore punk thrashers THE MERCURY LEAGUE on second guitar.

Self-styled leaders of the Regressive Rock Movement, the sound of Sunderland’s FORMER CELL MATES is original yet familiar. Drawing on the monumental legacy of THIN LIZZY and MOTORHEAD with the ragged, drunken country punk soul of THE REPLACEMENTS and current rising stars LUCERO and TWO COW GARAGE to deliver a spiky, soulful rock gem.



Whos' Dead and
What's to Pay? CD