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CRAZY ARM 'Little Boats' Limited 7"
Saturday, 21 April 2012

CRAZY ARM 'Little Boats' 7" out now. Exclusive new track!


Household Name Records are delighted to announce that their 2012 Record Store Day release is a Devonian roots-punk ensemble,

CRAZY ARM ‘Little Boats’, re-mastered from their album ‘Union City Breath’ (out now on Xtra Mile Records: Frank Turner,

Against Me!, The Xcerts, Future of the Left). Xtra Mile will release the single digitally.

B-Side is an exclusive new recording ‘All Butchers Are Men’ one of their earliest unreleased songs: a pro-feminist missive that balks at the assumed

nature of gender role-play influenced by the legendary anarcho-feminists POISON GIRLS.



1. Little Boats (3.33)

2. All Men are Butchers (3.48)



'Union City Breath', was released in October last year. Much like its predecessor, 'Born To Ruin', it has been very well received

nationwide and throughout mainland Europe by fans and critics alike. Produced and engineered by Peter Miles (The King Blues,

The Computers, Sonic Boom Six), the album is a triumph of punk rock energy, alt. country vitality and rabble-rousing honesty.

Not easy to categorise, and all the better for it, Crazy Arm's sound is an accumulation of decades of influence and inspiration:

rooted in hardcore/punk, ‘60s protest folk/country and Springsteen-esque classic rock’n’roll.

They combine this with a grass-roots political overview that embraces anti-war, anti-fascist and pro-community activism.