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DISSOCIATES - Dead Language 7"


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RIVALRIES Out Of Town and Back Again EP


BILLY NO MATES 7" ..Update!
Saturday, 16 April 2011

BILLY NO MATES 7" doesn't make the shops for RSD..Super Limited Edition announced..

We've had a setback with the Billy No Mates 7" we were bringing out for today's Record Store Day...

The pressing plant (who were running really late making the record) finally delivered them...but without sleeves!!
This means that we haven't been able to get any into the shops after all and online orders will not now ship until the middle of next week...when we get the records back again with the covers.

We are very sorry for any disappointment...we are gutted too...

BUT we really did want to be part of Record Store

We managed to swipe 30 copies of the vinyl out of the box and have made up 30 special colour sleeves, handnumbered (../30) and stamped with the Household Name logo on the inside of the sleeve...these are the 'Super Limited Edition'!

Unfortunately, as this happened so last minute and with such an extremely limited number of records we have only been able to place the 7" in 3 shops in the London area.

Rough Trade West (Ladbroke Grove only) opens at 9am

Banquet Records (Kingston) opens at 10am

All Ages Records (Camden) opens at 11.30am

Thanks to everyone at these shops for being so cool and helping take copies at last minute.
We are really really sorry that we could get any to shops outside London in time for today.

The 7" (with the proper covers) will be distributed to shops (via Plastic Head) and through mailorder in a few days time, but we will update you as soon as possible on all that.

Hope to see some of you out in the shops today