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DISSOCIATES - Dead Language 7"


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RIVALRIES Out Of Town and Back Again EP


Wednesday, 09 March 2011

TWO COW GARAGE have released a Covers EP (Replacements / Aerosmith) via Bandcamp ahead of their 2011 European Tour.

UPDATE : 14th MARCH "Okay today is the 14th... we're leaving the Poll ep up until the end of today. thank you to everyone who has downloaded and donated and cared. The outpouring has been overwhelming and humbling. So everyone is aware, we are donating part of the proceeds of this to help with the heartbreaking devastation in Japan. One world, one pain. Thank you, again, friends."

TWO COW GARAGE are heading to Europe shortly for thier first tour in nearly 5 years, ahead of the tour the band have been working on a Covers EP with track selections voted by fans on their Facebook Page

The band released a big thanks you and explanation:

"So we’ve come to it, the final phase of the cover poll: The Donation. The minimum donation, as stated before, will be five dollars. Please feel free to donate more if you are able. Now, before you rush off to our band camp site and begin downloading away I want to say a few things, so please, bear with me.

First: Thank you. Seriously. Thank you to each and every one of you who have participated in this, whether you choose to donate or not. Know that you just caring means the world to us. We have built our careers and reputations on that very thing and it does not go unnoticed and we do appreciate it.

Second: We, as a band, had a hell of a time doing this; it really was too much fun. We spent quite a lot of time recording these so that you would have the best possible representation of these songs through the filter that is us and we hope you like them. We had so much fun in fact that you will notice a third “bonus” track that we have included. Someone voted for this song and we all couldn’t resist doing it. So, you guys chose two, and we chose one. Either way you’re getting three, and we had fun doing them all. Also, immense thanks to Branden Barnett and Bernadette Celio for singing, recording, and general carousing.

Third: For a bevy of reasons we have chosen to label the titles of these songs selection1, selection2, and selection3. Below I will put the original song name in parenthesis beside it should you choose to rename them by their rightful monikers after you have downloaded them.

Fourth and Last: We are musicians. We have set this whole thing up to the best of our technical ability but, as with everything, there is a slight chance of malfunction. I don’t know what that would be at the present, I just want everyone to be aware that if there should be a problem we will do everything we can to rectify it. I play the bass, as far as I’m concerned, this computer has too many strings.


Selection1 (No More No More- Aerosmith)

Selection2 (Bastards Of Young- The Replacements)

Selection3 (Amphetamine- Rocket From The Tombs)

All at


Thanks again! Enjoy!"