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DISSOCIATES - Dead Language 7
DISSOCIATES - Dead Language 7"


RIVALRIES Out Of Town and Back Again EP
RIVALRIES Out Of Town and Back Again EP


Friday, 07 August 2009


We're putting on a show for the legendary CHRIS MURRAY at the Windmill on Monday 10th August... come along!


CHRIS MURRAY (Los Angeles, CA) a unique force on today's music scene. A gifted songwriter and dynamic performer, he has captivated audiences throughout the US, Europe, South America and Asia with his embracing music, penetrating lyrics and soulful presence. Born in Toronto, Chris formed influential Canadian group King Apparatus in 1987 and toured North America at a time when ska was virtually unknown to mainstream audiences. Upon the band's breakup, he relocated to Los Angeles, emerging as a solo artist with his debut album The 4-Track Adventures Of Venice Shoreline Chris. As host of Bluebeat Lounge, his long running Wednesday night residency at Knitting Factory in Hollywood, Chris has presented more than 300 concerts over the past six years and provides strong leadership to LA's thriving ska community.As well as producing three albums for Montreal's Planet Smashers, his writing credits have appeared on releases by Hepcat, The Slackers, Neville Staple (of The Specials) and Westbound Train.


Stripped down folk-punk duo who still manage to create the most delightful racket. Very much in the style of early Against Me!

CALVINBALL (Sheffield)

Shouty, drunk and tuneful in the lineage of The Lawrence Arms, Jawbreaker, Latterman, Hot Water Music an'all that...


Best band name of the month, though neither of them have been to Bismarck nor are apparently slags. File under: punky campfire songs

Advance Tickets: £6adv