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DISSOCIATES - Dead Language 7
DISSOCIATES - Dead Language 7"


RIVALRIES Out Of Town and Back Again EP
RIVALRIES Out Of Town and Back Again EP


Tuesday, 06 January 2009

We missed this one over Xmas.. but THE ARTERIES were featured as Track of the Day in The Times...yep, that one, of London etc....

cheers to Stuart Anderson for such a cool's the link

we especially enjoyed this
"Recently signed to Household Name Records, The Arteries is a band that manages to bolt the pop-punk aesthetics of both Green Day and Offspring to the heavy-rock riffage of Kerbdog and then liberally sprinkles a bit of melodic Iron Maiden guitar melody over the top. In short: they sound like a grown-up Violent Delight with better tunes, proper riffs and a higher appreciation for classic rock. Actually, this summation does them a disservice; they're far better than that."

"a grown up Violent Delight" - awesome!

If you are on the Household Name Records mailing list look out for a super special Arteries album album pre-order package that we'll announce later this week