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Saturday, 27 September 2008

The new 241ers album "MURDERERS" was reviewed on influential UK website

Murderers - THE 241ers

The 241ers. The bastard sons of the Stockyard Stoics and the Filaments. Two very fine bands indeed. Both were amazing live and had decent albums to back it up. So, you would expect the 241ers to be half decent too, no? Well, they are. It is absolutely no surprize at all that Household Name snapped them up.

Some people might be a bit disappointed that the 241ers are a lot more chilled out than the old bands they guys were in. But the beauty of the 241ers is that they are quite a nice change from the usual stuff I get sent for review. The politics are very much Billy Bragg meets Pennywise – the music is much more Against Me! Style. It’s a nice mix between US and UK politics and vocals too – Mr Jonny One Lung himself adds a nice sense of Britishness to proceedings. What’s more, it all sounds like everyone is at home with acoustic-based tunes. It’s gritty without the need for distorted guitars.

There is always the school of thought that objects to the kind of politics that the 241ers indulge in – the title of the album will probably tell you whether you want a piece or not. These boys have a bit between the ears though, which is why they have managed to make a fine punk rock album without really playing punk.

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Posted by Paul
1:43PM, 27th September 2008